Every Day Guide:

If you aren’t at the beach that is…

Here at the Village Inn we prefer to spend our time taking care of our guests.  So instead of listing all of the happenings on this lovely peninsula called Cape Cod, check out for an extensive list of events.

Rainy/Cloudy Day Guide:

If the weather precludes you from sinking your feet into the sand, then it is time to explore some other fun options:

Newport Mansions

The Newport Mansions offer a unique perspective on the lives of those who lived and worked in the grand mansions, known as summer cottages.

Plimouth Plantation

Plimouth Plantation tells the compelling story of the Pilgrims and the Native Wampanoag people.

Cape Cod Canal

Learn all about the creation of the canal, built in the 1930’s at the Cape Cod Canal Visitors Center.

Cape Cinema Art House

Cape Cinema Art House offers foreign and indie productions in a theater designed by 1930’s artist Rockwell Kent.  Lounge in slip-covered seats to enjoy the movie, under the the Art Deco style figures, unicorns, and celestial bodies painted on the domed ceiling of the theater.

Wellfleet Clock

Wellfleet Clock is located at the First Congregational Church tower, this clock is billed as the only clock in the world that strikes on ship’s time.  Wellfleet has a significant seafaring past and the clock honors that history.

Scargo Tower

Scargo Tower is a 37-step spiral staircase set in a cobblestone tower that rises 30 feet on Dennis’s highest hilltop, above Scargo Lake.  Provincetown and the mainland can be viewed from the outdoor observation deck.

Sydenstricker Gallery

View the artist at work creating beautiful pieces of glass artwork at Sydenstricker Gallery.